Student Talk - Pandian - Software Testing

The thirst for knowledge, skill development and being able to get into the IT bandwagon quickly were prime reasons to fuel Pandian’s passion to join software testing course in Metaforum Technologies.

1. What made you choose the course and Institute you did? 
I had 5+ years of experience in insurance domain with a private company. I came to know there are lots of testing projects with major insurance clients in Chennai/ India.  So I thought of learning Software testing and get into IT sectors by leveraging my existing domain knowledge. As far as choosing an institute, I attended few demo classes from no of  institutes and impressed with the trainer available in Metaforum Technologies.

2. What made you choose the software Testing?
I have no prior programming experience. I neither have computer science background. Since I had domain knowledge on insurance, I thought a course on software testing will help me land a job in Testing projects of insurance clients.

3. In what ways has this course value added to your career? What kind of opportunities would you say this course has presented to you?
I obtained hands on knowledge on popular testing tools. Also I learnt complete software development life cycle. I gathered live project experience from trainer.  I would say this training helped me very much in terms of understanding IT culture and gave me the confidence to pursue my career in IT
4. How do you manage your time working and studying?
I had flexible timing in Metaforum Technologies. I opted for week end batches and sometimes early morning batch to rush things up, without the training affecting my regular work.

5. Was there anyone who motivated you through the challenges of completing the course?
My colleagues in office motivated me a lot. Special thanks to trainer for adjusting with my complex timing requirements.  

6. How would you describe your experience at Metaforum Technologies?
Excellent. Right from counseling in terms of choosing the correct testing tool and delivering and follow –ups, my experience was really good.

7. What would be the one thing you’ll say to other / prospective students ?
Testing course in Metaforum Technologies is highly recommended.
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Student Feedback - Software Testing

1. What made you choose the course and institute you did? 
I wanted to pursue a course on software testing tools , so that it will be of a great help during my placements. I knew that Metaforum Technologies at Chennai could give me a customized course that I could finish quickly.

2. What made you choose the route of furthering your studies with a institute ?
I think a crash course at a institute would help me during my campus placements

3. In what ways has this course value added to your career / personal development? What kind of opportunities would you say this course has presented to you?
I think my Trainer Mrs. Kavitha was kind enough to share real-life examples in the working world, thereby allowing me to embrace the realities of the working world and what kind of person I would be as an employee in a company.

4. How do you manage your time  in college and institute at the same time?
It was a challenge to manage time for college and institute. But my institute had a flexible time slots, so I was able to manage. 
5. Was there anyone who motivated you to take a crash course on testing?
My Professors and Seniors motivated me to take up this course. 
6. How would you describe your experience at Metaforum Technologies?
I could say that my experience at Metaforum Technologies was memorable because I spent most of my time learning various software testing tools hands – on with a live project.  
7. What would be the one thing you’ll say to other / prospective students?
Training in this institute is really hands on with live projects. Trainers are all experienced and motivated to share their knowledge with students.

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Placement - A One Word Mantra

Hello Everyone, this is second in line of our series of blogs on placement. Hope this will be useful. Special thanks to Mr.Satish Kumar, ABAP consultant, NTT DATA, Chennai, our well-wisher.

Placement, a single musical note that is used by some to make the youngsters to dance for their tunes.  The most unfortunate scenario is to find youngsters to fall in their trap. This clearly states that youngsters in search of their aspiring Job fails to build their own path towards it and starts following some paths suggested by others, later they will realize that this was not the destination they desired to reach. In short they hand over their dream to someone else and expect them to construct in exact way they wished to which is never gonna happen. Hope no civil engineer is reading this blogJ
Technically, if you dare to dream then try building your own original path version to it rather using some cracked version because later you may realize that you don’t have an option for auto upgradation.
In this Blog I would like to enlighten you all the truths and facts behind getting a job and in reaching our desired positions in life.
Know Your Fight:
Its better to know your fight before you start it. The art of winning a fight doesn’t depend on choosing the right fight but rather in choosing the right weapon. Again the chosen weapon will get its full credit only when it is used by the right person. Yes, you are that person and the technology that you choose is the weapon to fight against this world full of techno war.
It’s always better to know your strength before choosing the technology of your choice. Explore the options; know the one which can help you best and then suit up yourself with it.
What is a Right Placement?
Right placement depends on how much leverage that the Job provides in achieving the next level. Your profile must always be in search of upgradation just like technologies. Right placement will hold all these attributes. Don’t get faked by false promises given by few institutions. There is a lot of difference in swimming in a pool and in a ocean. A good job is not the one that pay you but the reality of the job lies how much rich does it make you through knowledge. Sadly “Most of us are eager in earning rather learning”. Earn a job only through the knowledge and talent you posses. Only this attitude can help you holding it. The right Job should help you in building a career out of it, rather serving you for a couple of years.
We all know the statistics about the freshers joining in IT industry but do you have any idea on the percentage of the drop outs? It is also dangerously high. And that’s the exact reason for huge opening for freshers every year. What do you think the reason for such a surge? It is all because of the wrong choice that they have made earlier. We all know “Well Begun is half Done” but most of us really forgot that the remaining half is yet to be done. A good start in the career can impress others but only an accomplished career will make people to follow your path. Be a light for your path rather closing it completely.
Acceptance of being in Fight:
The foremost mistake that everyone commits is getting into an ideology of mission accomplished , once we get our offer letter. What we fail to understand is we have just begun our battle in this technological world war. Understand and more importantly accept the fight, learn and know your work. Keep working with a hope of understanding new things rather hoping to get it completed somehow. Enrich your ideas and to do that make yourself rich in knowledge first.
Being said all these, it depends on each and every individual to extract out the real value of this blog. If there is one factor that brought you till here in this blog, it is your thirst for knowledge. Ensure that you have an unquenchable thirst with respect to knowledge.
Hope this blog will serve as a spark to lighten your forever glowing career. Its well known that Hardwork will always be answered but ensure you work hard in the right path. To conclude,
“Know , Understand and finally Accept the Fight”

Posted by Satish Kumar Balasubramanian
Senior ABAP Consultant
NTT Data

100% placement !!! Myth or Reality?

Job placement, especially when it comes to freshers is a puzzle to solve. Thanks to mushrooming engineering colleges/Software Training institutes, India has become a country, where people first become engineers and IT professionals, then figure out what they want to do in their career / lives! Here is our view on 100% job placement stories.

Next flock
Come June, another batch of engineering students will be passing out of college.  Given that hardly 20% of them are employable, next step for them is to start searching for courses with training institutes. Thanks to the lower level entry barrier, every corner of the town / city is filled with institutes claiming  “100% placement assurance” |  “We guarantee you a job” | ” Join our course, walk out with a job offer” etc. How much truth is there in such job placement advertisements? Let us have a look.

Profile of an engineer
Here is how these institutes see a typical profile of engineer who is looking for a job placement:
1.     Graduated from a tier-2 or tier-3 engineering college from a town / city
2.     Has no clue about problem solving. Somehow got into or pushed into engineering because of societial / parental pressure etc.
3.     Can hardly communicate his views to others
4.     Has very high expectation job placement with a plush IT company with six digit salary. He strongly believes that he deserves that, even though he has not written more than 10 lines of program in any programming language on his own
With such a backgound when they walk out of college the 100% job placement creates a wave in their minds. This is mainly because such messages makes them believe that all it takes to hand in a high paying job is just a 2-3 months affair.  The story goes further where they get cheated by such institutes without any job placement. They forget the fact that if 4 years of engineering can’t get them a job, how come a institute with a 3 month training program can do that?

Job placements – top institutes no different!

Cut to so called top premium institutes with accreditation   (Don’t ask accrediting agency !!!). We hear some of these institutes send their students to interviews in few companies and some of them are getting placed also ( don’t worry about what type of company) and put their reviews in YouTube( who knows if they are real reviews). This makes most of them believe that these institutes are great career launchers. The reality is different there also. Even in so called premium institutes more than 50% of the students pass out of the campus without having a job placement. It is not a institute’s mistake, but an individual failed to meet expectation of the company in some form or other( For god sake, please understand that) . If a engineer from top notch engineering college can’t get into campus job placement how come anybody can get into a job directly. Every student needs perseverance.
Bottom line
So the bottom line is – If an individual doesn’t meet entry criteria for a job placement, he doesn’t get selected, irrespective of the type of institute including ours. Rather we can go ahead and say nobody ( certainly us, can give a job guarantee to anybody. Agreed, finishing schools (called as training institutes) play a vital role in bridging the gap. However bridging the gap is not very easy given the so much of limitations with engineering students as mentioned above. It requires a very systematic and step-by-step and careful approach to make an individual employable. That is what one should expect from these institutes.
Our journey

Its been a very interesting journey for us in Metaforum Technologies by going through this cycle. However we have a clear view about how we are going to approach this challenge. In alignment with our training philosophy of ‘coach’ and ‘applied learning’ we take the training approach as follows:

1.       Engineers should solve problems – IT is not very different.  To start with we build a strong base by making individuals to convert a given problem statement into working program. In such approach more than 80% of the time is spent time with analysing the solving the problem on paper before jumping into writing code.
2.       Once the base is built, the next step is to apply into various scenarios. Say in case of Java, its about using it for writing a web based application that runs out of a server etc.
3.     Shaping up behavioural skills is a parallel activity. Be it in terms of discipline, communication, openness etc.. by taking a long term view of the career. This requires constant monitoring of individuals and providing them with timely feedback on how they can work on these individual skills. Apparently putting them across working professionals (via our industry mentors, one of our mentor Mr. Raja is a patent holder), we are able to see significant changes in shaping up behaviour
4.     During the process not everybody is equal. Some might do well and some might not. In such cases taking continuous improvement approach helps. In case an individual lacks in a specific area, providing additional coaching and support in that area has helped them to come out of it by building lot of self confidence

We are not recommending above mentioned steps is a sure short receipe for making an individual job ready. However we have seen very positive results in terms of job enablement by successfully converting college students into working professionals. Based on our experience we can say that it takes time (atleast 4 to 6 months) to transform individuals during which they need to be co-operative and working hard. Thats the only simple and sure shot way to achieve job guarentee rather than taking any short cut steps.

In the mean time watch out if anybody says 100% job placement guarantee, because we clearly know what it takes to get there!