Current Status of Automation Testing

1) From automating the Regression test cases, automation is moving towards life cycle test automation. Clients have started exploring the various stages of test life cycle which can be automated with the right set of tools required for automating such manual work.

2) Automation testers are expected to have good business knowledge with the advent of model based testing. Clients cannot hire separate testers for creating the model and automating the test cases.

3) Business Process automated test packs helps the clients to reduce the time to market for the standard, established applications and products.

4) Clients are unable to choose the tool vendors as there are multiple boutique shops which offer customized frameworks and script-less automation frameworks.

5) The Test Management tools have been completely integrated with the test life cycle and on the fly customized reports are generated.

6) Integration with different vendor tools sets in terms of requirements management, test management, test script execution, defect management are easily managed by the team which give more flexibility in choosing the appropriate vendors/tools.

7) Multiple customized utilities which helps the testers to reduce the redundant manual work has been created and promoted as differentiators by the independent testing vendors and some are even pricing them on the value client gets.

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